Downtown Miami Charter School, Inc.

Downtown Miami Charter School is governed by the The Downtown Miami Charter School, Inc. Board of Directors. The Downtown Miami Charter School, Inc. was founded by a diverse group of Miami based board members, involved with Downtown Miami growth and sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority of Miami. The intent was to provide a first rate academic school option for inner-city students and families who work in the downtown area who wanted to see their children attend a quality school nearby. Currently the Board has evolved to the members listed below. Each member is a proud, Miami based, business and/or community supporter with hopes and visions for a continued and evolving Charter School success. The Board establishes a policy consistent with the School's mission and ensures that the programs and operations of the School are faithful to the terms of the charter.

The Downtown Miami Charter School, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Matthew Gorson, Chairman
  • Meredith Nation, Director
  • Sharmaine Tyler-Luke, Director
  • Javier Betancourt, Director
  • Carlos Migoya, Director
  • Tina Van der Ven, Director
  • Julio Piti, Director

Board Meeting Minutes

DMCS Annual Budget

Annual Budget FY 2014

DMCS Annual Audit

Annual Audit 2014

DMCS Academic Performance

Academic Performance

Downtown Miami Charter Parent Facilitator:

Ms. Rebecca Dinda
305 NW 3rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33128
(305) 579-2112

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